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Pointing upwards - This position of Turtle is known as Home., Forward (FD) - Moves the turtle forward., Backward (BK) - Moves the turtle backward., Right (RT) - Turn the turtle to its right or clockwise., Left (LT) - Turn the turtle to its left or anti-clockwise., Clear Screen (CS) - Clear the drawing on the main screen., HT Command - Disappear turtle from the screen., ST Command - Shows turtle again on the screen., Execute button - Help to execute the commands., Half button - Permanently stops the execution of commands., Trace button - Find the error in the program., Reset button - Helps to clear the drawing made by turtle., Turtle - Small shape triangle on the LOGO screen., LOGO - Language of Graphic Oriented, Program - Set of instruction given to a computer., Pause - stop the execution of command temporary., Title bar - present at the top of the main screen., Menu bar - Consist of list of MS Logo menus.,

MSW LOGO Commands - Final Project (Wk-11)


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