'Shall I make some coffee?' - He offered to make some coffee., 'No, I won't come with you'. - He refused to come with us., 'I must go there right now and help them. It's extremely important!'' - She insisted on going to help them right now., 'OK, I'll help you'. - He agreed to help me., 'I'll call you. Believe me'. - He promised to call me., 'Remember to lock the door'. - She reminded me to lock the door., 'You should buy a new car'. - He advised me to buy a new car., 'Would you like to have dinner?' - He invited me to have dinner., 'I didn't steal that painting!' - He denied stealing the painting., 'Yes, it was me. I broke the window'. - He admitted breaking the window., 'I wish I hadn't married David'. - She regretted marrying David., 'Let's go to a club'. - He suggested going to a club., 'You killed your boss'. - The police accused him of killing his boss., 'I'm sorry I didn't call you back'. - He apologized for not calling me back., 'If you don't pay us, we'll send the photos to your wife'. - They threatened to send the photos to his wife if he didn't pay them.,


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