be a light sleeper - be a person who wakes up easily, fall asleep - to begin sleeping, be fast asleep - sleep deeply, have nightmares - see disturbing dreams associated with negative feelings, such as anxiety or fear that awakens you, oversleep - sleep longer or later than you intended., sleepwalk - perform actions while asleep, sleep like a log - sleep very well, without being woken by any noises, keep you awake - don't let you fall asleep, snooze the alarm - add the time when your clock is supposed to wake you up, have a nap / snooze - have a short sleep, especially during the day, pull an all-nighter - not going to sleep and staying awake through the night beacuse you work, party etc., feel sleepy - be very tired and almost asleep, insomnia - inability to sleep, nod off - to fall asleep for a short time while you are sitting in a chair, have a lie-in - stay in bed longer than normal in the morning,




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