a) Most people start feeling ____ at around 11 p.m.b) When people are tired they often open their mouth and ____. c) When they get into bed, they put their head on the ____. d) In bed, many people sleep under a ____ filled with feathers or synthetic materials. e) Other people prefer to sleep under ____ and a ____ . f) Some people can't sleep because they suffer from ____. g) People sometimes have to take ____ to help them go to sleep. h) Some people who are asleep make a loud noise when they breathe, i.e. they ____. i) In hot countries, it's common to have a short ____ in the afternoon. j) Someone who sleeps well 'sleeps like a ____'. k) Someone who doesn't sleep very deeply is a ____.l) Some children ____ if they watch scary films before bedtime. m) If you drink coffee in the evening, it may ____. n) In the middle of the night, most people are ____. o) As many as 15% of people ____ during the night, getting out of bed and even getting dressed or eating. p) If you don't hear your alarm, you might ____. q) According to one study, 4.7% of Americans ____ while driving.


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