rise - The recent __________________ income tax has hit some families hard., solution - Finding a __________________ the problems associated with poverty in this region is not easy., taste - I have always had a __________________ travelling ever since I went on my first long trip as a teenager., matter - What’s the __________________ Stan? He doesn’t look very well., reason - I know you’re angry, but that’s no __________________ shout and scream and kick the table like that., effect - Telling lies to small children can have a negative __________________ their development., objection - I have no __________________ you using the sports hall for your party, so long as you clean up afterwards., evidence - There seems to be very little ___________ a link between Jones and the scene of the crime, difference - I can’t see any __________________ the way Jo sings now, and the way she sang before the operation. I don’t think there’s been any change., preference - I have no ___________ either that one or the other, dependence - A child’s ___________ its mother soon ends,


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