1) English is _________ subject of all. a) the most exciting b) more exciting than c) most exciting 2) My room is _______ my sister's room. a) the biggest b) bigger than c) bigger 3) Maryam is _______ girl in class. a) smarter than b) smartest c) the smartest 4) This shirt is _________ this bag. a) more expensive b) more expensive than c) the most expensive 5) I am __________ person in my family. a) slimmer than b) the slimmest c) slimmest 6) My little brother is ___________ terrible cook in the world. a) the worse b) the worst c) the most 7) You know you are __________ friend ever!!! a) better b) the best c) best 8) Pixar's animated movies are much _________ Disney's animated movies. a) better b) best c) better than 9) My aunt Lisa was __________ my mother when she was young.  a) interesting b) the most interesting c) more interesting than 10) My mother is _________ person in the world. a) the nicest b) nicer c) icer than 11) My sister is _________ me a) shorter than b) shorter c) the shortest 12) Dolphins are _______ animals in the world. a) more intelligent b) the most intelligent c) most intelligent


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