1) How is the weather in Kırklareli? a) It is snowy. b) It is sunny. c) It is cloudy. 2) It is ___ a) warm b) cold c) hot 3) It is ___ in Kütahya. a) snowy b) sunny c) rainy 4) It is hot and sunny in the desert. a) b) c) 5) How is the weather in Zonguldak? a) It is rainy. b) It is cloudy. c) It is snowy. 6) Where is the plane? a) It is on the sea. b) It is on the street. c) It is in the sky. 7) Where is the bus? a) It is here. b) It is there. 8) Where is the helicopter? a) It is here. b) It is there. 9) How can I get to Düzce? a) You can go by plane. b) You can go by car. c) You can go by bike. 10) How can I get to the mosque? a) You can go by scooter. b) You can go by bike. c) You can go by helicopter. 11) İbrahim is at the ___ a) shopping centre b) museum c) school 12) Where is Nesrin? a) She is at the park. b) She is at the stadium. c) She is at the bank. 13) He is at the ___ a) cafe b) stadium. c) mosque 14) Where is Sevgi? a) She is over here. b) She is over there. 15) Where is the hospital? a) It is there. b) It is here.




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