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Specificity  - Doing specific activities, that work specific muscles that relate to the activity you are training for, Progression - Gradually increasing the amount of exercise you do, Overloading - Making the body work harder than it normally does, Reversibility  - any adaptation that takes place as a result of training will be reversed when you stop training, Moderation  - Achieving a balance between not training enough and overtraining , Variance - Different types of training sessions to avoid boredom, giving the body a different challenge, Frequency - The amount of times you train e.g/ 3 times per week, Intensity - How hard you train , Time - How long you train for e.g/ 10 mins cycling, 12 repetitions, Type - Which method of training you use, Adherence - Being motivated to stick to a training program,

Principles of Training

by Deanbowler


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