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Buddha - The Awakened one, Siddhartha Gautama - a Hindu prince of the warrior caste born in 560 B.C., 4 passing sights - Sick man, Old man, Corpse, Wandering Ascetic, bodhi tree - Where the Buddha meditated and found enlightenment, ascetic - Person who gives up worldly indulgences and leaves a life of self-discipline., Buddha's Sermon at Deer Park - The first preaching of Four Noble Truths & Noble Eightfold Path., Middle Path/Way - The path of moderation, Tanha - Desire; The cause of suffering, arhat - One who has attained Nirvana in their present lifetime - Theravada, stupa - visible symbol of Buddha's presence , 3 Jewels of Buddhism - The Buddha, The Dharma, The Sangha, Dharma - Teaching of the Buddha, sangha - The religious community of practicing Buddhists, 3 Marks of Existence - Anatta, Anicca, Dukkha,

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