1) I would like ___________ to Australia next year. a) to go b) going 2) I hate ___________ in Italy. a) to drive b) driving 3) I hate ___________ you this, but I need to leave now.  a) to tell b) telling 4) I miss ___________ my old friends from school. a) seeing b) to see 5) Kaja's parents often allow her __________ late at night. a) to stay up b) staying up 6) Would you mind __________ the window. a) opening b) to open 7) I would love ____________ a new Iphone. a) to buy b) buying 8) Why don't you practise _____________ this song again? a) to play b) playing 9) He remembered_____________ the door. a) to close b) closing 10) I remember_____________ with my grandparents when I was small. a) playing b) play 11) Please, try _____________ calm. a) to stay b) staying 12) Would you mind ____________ me with this poster? a) to help b) helping 13) Tom plans ____________ us soon. a) to visit b) visiting 14) I have just finished ____________ that book. a) to read b) reading 15) My sister always offers ____________ me with my homework. a) to help b) helping 16) I want you ____________ with me. a) to live b) living 17) We're looking forward to ________ you! a) meet b) meeting 18) I decided ________ abroad! a) to move b) moving 19) I usually avoid__________________ shopping on Monday. a) to go b) going 20) I am learning__________________the piano. a) to play b) playing 21) I don't agree __________________ my house in Sweden. a) to sell b) selling 22) She admitted__________________the money! a) to steal b) stealing 23) I don’t fancy ______________ out tonight. a) to go b) going 24) She avoided ______________ him about her plans. a) telling b) to tell 25) I would like ______________ to the party with you. a) to come b) coming 26) He enjoys ______________ a bath in the evening. a) to have b) having 27) She kept ______________ during the film. a) talking b) to talk 28) I like ______________ to live performances. a) going b) to go

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