1) a cup of a) juice b) tea c) milk d) lemonade 2) a glass of a) tea b) juice c) coffee d) porridge 3) a bottle of a) water b) coffee c) tea d) sugar 4) a can of a) fizzy drink b) milk c) coffee d) sugar 5) a carton of a) sugar b) milk c) porridge d) water 6) a glass of a) milk b) cookies c) chocolate d) omlet 7) a mug of a) tea b) jam c) honey d) meat 8) a box of  a) jam b) chocolate c) cheese d) omlet 9) a jar of a) jam b) bread c) flour d) sausages 10) a jug of a) lemonade b) cabbage c) radish d) peas 11) a bag of a) apples b) honey c) oil d) butter 12) a slice of a) cabbage b) milk c) cheese d) porridge 13) a piece of a) tea b) cake c) honey d) jam 14) a bowl of a) butter b) coffee c) soup d) oil 15) a drop of a) cookies b) oil c) apple d) sugar

partitives for drinks and food


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