Add a prefix: 1. Doctors don't earn enough. They are definitely ____paid. 2. He started a small business seven years ago, and now look at him - he's a ____millionaire! 3. Do you prefer watching a dubbed film or one which is ____titled? 4. She's ____lingual - her family spoke both English and French. 5. Famous people often write their ____biographies when they are still young. 6. You should always install good ____virus software in order to protect your computer. 7. Much of London was rebuilt in the ____-war era. 8. I'm afraid there has been a ____understanding. We booked two single rooms, not a double. Add a suffix: 1. I like to wear comfort____ clothes when I'm working from home. 2. We had a sleep____ night last night. The baby just wouldn't stop crying! 3. One of the main problems facing govern____ today is terror____. 4. Since Jane started going to the gym, she has noticed a definite improve____ in the way she looks and feels. 5. The rate of inflat____ has been very high in my country this year. 6. Martin's biggest weak____ is that he can't concentrate for very long. 7. Kathy always dresses with such eleg____. 8. Medicine bottles have to be child____ so that children can't open them. Complete with a noun: 1. Although there's a sauna at my gym, I never use it because I can't stand extreme ____. 2. There hundreds of diets and weight ____ programmes. Do you think they really work? 3. ____ is still a big problem in several countries. 4. Could you tell me about your ____ and weaknesses? 5. The ____ of going to the dentist makes me ill. 6. Contrary to popular ____, drinking coffee can actually be good for you.


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