Correct: We went to Paris for my birthday last weekend., Did you lock the door when you left the house this morning?, I don't usually like fish, but the salmon we had last night was delicious., Don't worry! It's not the end of the world., What a beautiful day! Let's have lunch in the garden., Money doesn't make people happy., My grandfather left school when he was 14., I go to the dentist about twice a year., That was one of the best meals I've ever had., I love cats, but my boyfriend doesn't like them., Her husband sits in front of the TV all day., The people in my class are so friendly., Incorrect: That's lovely dress - the colour really suits you., Yesterday was hottest day of the year so far., I think the girls are better at learning the languages than the boys., My sister is married to German. He's an engineer., We go to cinema once the week., Do you think the women are more sensitive than the men?, He's going to visit his parents the next weekend., Have you worn jacket that you bought last week?, What noisy child! Where are his parents?, Alex is studying to become doctor., She always leaves the work at half past five., I graduated from school the last week., The next year, I'm travelling to Japan, What did you eat for the lunch today?, When I grow up I want to become the teacher., I am the Colombian but my mother was born overseas. , I'm exhausted! It's been such the long week! , I catch a train from the Southern Cross Station every day. , The people can be so rude sometimes!,

EC I1 M1 3B Articles - True or False


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