1) Friends are better than family at giving advice. 2) The weather is a major influence on a country's economy and lifestyle. 3) The best place to go on holiday is somewhere with beautiful scenery. 4) People's behaviour in public places in my city is often awful. 5) The most useful subjects to study at university are economics and business studies. 6) The clothes people wear can tell you a lot about them. 7) You should never travel without booking accommodation in advance. 8) The best way of testing students' progress is through exams. 9) The most important thing to consider if you are buying or renting a flat is the amount of light and space. 10) Hotel and restaurant staff in my country are usually friendly and efficient. 11) If you want to get information about an illness, the worst place to look is online. 12) Parents should teach their children good manners. It's not the teacher's job. 13) Modern furniture is usually less comfortable than old-fashioned furniture.


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