1) You use them for swimming. a) gloves b) rods c) masks d) goggles 2) An area made for playing tennis a) a court b) a racket c) a basket d) an arrow 3) You use it to hit a golf ball. a) a racket b) a club c) a glove d) a bat 4) This is what you use to protect your head. a) a rope b) a board c) a hoop d) a helmet 5) You use it to make a high sound. a) a cymbal b) a drum c) a whistle d) a flute 6) You use this object to play badminton. a) a helmet b) a bat c) a shuttlecock d) a racket 7) You use it to catch a baseball. a) a glove b) a rod c) a boot d) goggles 8) It's used for hitting a tennis ball. a) a net b) a racket c) a basket d) a hoop 9) The sticks used to push yourself forward while skiing are... a) ski bats b) ski sticks c) ski posts d) ski poles 10) An area of land covered by snow where you can practise skiing is called... a) a slope b) a slide c) a sledge d) a track 11) The piece of wood used for hitting the ball in baseball or cricket a) a racket b) a bat c) a log d) a stick 12) The official who controls the game in some sports, e.g. football is called... a) arbitrator b) referee c) judge d) controller 13) When a game is finished without either team winning, e.g. 1-1, the game ends in... a) drawer b) pair c) draw d) equals 14) Who trains a person or team in sport? a) a guide b) a couch c) a trainee d) a coach 15) The leader of a sports team is the... a) captain b) commander c) boss d) cheerleader 16) A player whose job is to stop the ball from going into his/her team’s goal is the... a) doorkeeper b) shopkeeper c) goalkeeper d) gatekeeper 17) What’s the name of the object which players try to knock down in bowling? a) bowling pot b) bowling pin c) bowling pan d) bowling bottle 18) What do you use to swim faster in the sea? a) wings b) swimmers c) flip-flops d) flippers




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