Why are there generally so few women in top positions?, Why is it more common for men to be doctors, lawyers or ship captains?, Why is it more common for females to be nurses, teachers or shop assistants?, Do you think that there are any jobs which only men or only women can or should do?, Which gender do you think makes the best bosses? Can you give a reason?, Would you rather have a male or a female secretary? Why?, Does one gender take more time off from work than another?, Which gender works harder?, Why are some chores like taking out the trash are seen as masculine, but laundry or cooking are seen as feminine? , In your country, how do the roles of men and women differ in the family?, Which gender spends the most time shopping?, Which gender is most likely to ask strangers for directions?, Which gender gossips the most?, Is one gender better at using machines than another? Do you personally like technology?, Is there any difference between the way that men and women drive?, Why do women usually live five years longer than men?, What do you understand by the word "metrosexual"?, In your society are there some social behaviours that are only seen as appropriate for women? , In your society are there some social behaviours that are only seen as appropriate for men?, What clothing is appropriate for men but not for women and vice versa? What is appropriate for both?, Are certain colours reserved for one gender or another?, What areas of life is it easier being female?, What areas of life is it easier being male?, Who communicates better, men or women?, Why do girls play with dolls but boys play with cars?, How does your culture push girls or boys intro traditional roles or jobs?, Which gender do you think studies most?, In some countries, why are there are more female university students than male students.., If you had (or have) children. Should boys and girls be treated differently?, At which sports are men considered better than women?, At which sports are women considered better than men?, What sports can you think of where men and women compete against each other as equals?, Beside physical differences, what is different between men and women?, Is it possible to be close friends with a member of the opposite sex and have absolutely no romantic feelings for them?, If you are a girl, are you a bit of a tomboy? Do you know any girls who behave like boys?, Did you go to a single-sex school or a co-ed school? Which is better for academic and social development?, If you have brothers and sisters, how does your relationship differ between the genders?, Who did most of the housework in the house you were raised?, If something needed fixing in your house, who fixes it?, Are gender differences mainly because of biology? Or more because of socialization?, Some bars or clubs offer free entry to women on ladies’ nights. How do you feel about this?, Should a man hold a door for a woman because she is a woman? Why might this practice annoy some women?, What are some common learning differences between girls and boys?, Has your country ever had a female leader? Does the gender of a leader make a difference?, Do women face more difficulties in succeeding in business than men?, Do you know any cultures that recognize more than two genders? , How can we respect and support people who feel they were born with the wrong physical gender?, What is it that you like to do but you can't (or feel that you can't) because of your gender?, How do you feel when you see a man cry?, Is it okay for boys to play with girls toys?, Is it okay for boys to wear girls clothes? Why or why not?, Which gender burps and farts more?, Which gender is messier?, How is gender and sexuality different?, Do you see yourself as a typical man or woman? Why or why not?, What are the responsibilities of a father to his family?, What are the responsibilities of a mother to her family?, Are there different expectations for sons and daughters in your culture?, How do you feel about women who swear a lot?, Where do 'male' and 'female' roles come from?, How can gender stereotypes hurt males or females? .

EC I1 M1 3A Gender Stereotype Questions


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