1) She _______ television every day. a) watch b) watches 2) He ______ football on Wednesdays a) plays b) play 3) They______ football on Fridays a) play b) plays 4) She ______ the guitar. a) play b) plays 5) We_______ English. a) study b) studies 6) I____________Spanish. a) Study b) Studies 7) You ________ breakfast at 9 am. a) have b) has 8) Mary_______breakfast at 11 am. a) have b) has 9) Bob and Mary up at 7 am. a) get b) gets 10) Julie________ dressed in the morning. a) get b) gets 11) My parents______________ at home. a) work b) works 12) My brother_________ a dog. a) have b) has 13) She__________ Harry Potter a) like b) likes 14) I ___________ my teeth. a) brush b) brushes 15) She___________ her teeth a) brush b) brushes


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