This person is one hundred years old., This phrase means ‘to die’., We use this word to describe an old person., A very young child who is learning how to walk, Feeling sad that things in the past have changed. (attitude), Someone in their fifties., To stop working because of an old age, We have to do something right now − this problem is very ________________ (attitude), Yeah, right, I lost again, that's so unfair :-( (attitude), You stole my pencil, I know it was you! (attitude), Of course I'll win, I'm easily the cleverest person in my class (attitude), Oh, dear! You must be feeling terrible... Let me make you a cup of tea, and you'll tell me all about what happened (attitude), Oh, this dress is gorgeous! You look fantastic in it! (attitude), Thank you so much for helping me! (attitude), I used to come to this playground when I was a young child, we had so much fun here!... (attitude).


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