grudge (noun) - A strong feeling of anger toward someone that lasts for a long time., coax (verb) - To persuade someone to do something by talking in a friendly way., squeal (verb) - To make a long, very high sound or cry., clutter (verb) - To fill or cover (something) with many things., knotty (adj.) - Difficult or complicated., tentatively (adv.) - In a way that is not done with confident or not definite (uncertain)., steep (adj.) - Rising or falling very sharply., enormous (adj.) - Extremely large., bellow (verb) - To shout in a deep voice., rasp (verb) - To make a rough, harsh sound., swoop (verb) - To fly down through the air suddenly., haltingly (adv.) - In a nervous way, stopping often while you are saying or doing something., whimper (noun) - A quiet crying sound, especially of an animal., gargantuan (adj.) - Very large., reassure (verb) - To make (someone) feel less afraid, upset, or doubtful., tramp (verb) - To walk for a long distance or with heavy steps., ingeniously (adv.) - In a way that is very intelligent and skillful., gaze (noun) - A long and steady look., barely (adv.) - Almost not at all., reign (verb) - To rule as a king or queen of a country.,




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