1) How are you? a) It's delicious. b) I am twelve. c) Fine, thanks. d) What are you doing? 2) I am hot. a) Put your jacket on. b) Don't take your jacket. c) Take your jacket off. d) Send your jacket. 3) Where is your mummy? a) She's beautiful. b) She has got a dog. c) She is in the kitchen. d) She's great. 4) What is Mary wearing? a) He is wearing T-shirt. b) A long skirts. c) three pair of jumpers. d) a red dress. 5) Co znaczy słowo 'mix'? a) położyć b) mieszać c) wyrzucić d) schować 6) Słowo ' spódniczka' to po angielsku: a) dress b) skirt c) shirt d) small 7) Co oznacza słowo 'drink' po angielsku? a) jeść b) chrupać c) pić d) śmiać się 8) What can you do? a) I love dance. b) I am dance. c) I can dancing. d) I can dance. 9) Jak powiesz po angielski 'wstań'? a) Send up. b) Show up. c) Stand up. d) See up. 10) Do you like ham sandwich? a) No, I like. b) Yes, I can. c) No, I do. d) No, I don't.




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