1) Karen .... listening to music now.  a) аre b) aren't c) isn't 2) The children .... football at the moment. a) is playing b) are playing c) am 3) The dog .... sleeping on the floor.  a) are b) is c) am 4) Dad usually .... TV in the evenings.  a) is watching b) watches c) watch 5) .... your brother walk to school every day?  a) Does b) Are c) Is 6) We .... dinner now. a) are eating b) eat c) eats 7) The teacher .... writing on the board. a) are b) is c) aren't 8) Lucy always .... her mum. a) help b) helps c) is helping 9) .... you doing your homework?  a) Are b) Am c) Is 10) Are Mum and Dad .... at the moment? a) working b) work c) works 11) We .... for our test at the moment.  a) study b) are studying c) studies 12) Is Peter ....? a) sleeps b) sleep c) sleeping 13) Emma sometimes .... jogging. a) going b) go c) goes 14) Our mother .... at the moment. a) isn't cooking b) aren't cooking c) cooks 15) .... you .... pizza? a) Is, eating b) Does, eat c) Do, eat 16) Paul .... coming to the party. a) aren't b) isn't c) are 17) Are they .... to the police officer now?  a) speak b) speaking c) speaks 18) We usually .... our aunt on Sundays.  a) are visiting b) visits c) visit 19) .... Anne taking the bus today? a) Is b) Are c) Am 20) The Browns .... dinner in the hotel restaurant at the moment. a) are having b) is having c) have 21) She .... going to the zoo. a) loves b) is loving c) does love 22) He .... with his friend on Saturdays. a) is going out b) goes out c) go out 23) Do you .... comedy films? a) like b) liking c) likes 24) What .... you .... right now? a) do, do b) are, do c) are, doing 25) Luke can't talk to you now. He .... a bath. a) having b) has c) is having

Present Simple and Present Continuous 1




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