1) You look a bit ___today. Is something wrong? a) down b) disappointed 2) Natalie was very ___ when she found out that her best friend had been lying to her. a) upset b) relieved 3) You could see how ___ Helen was just by looking at the huge smile on her face. a) stunned b) thrilled 4) It's been a really long day. I'm absolutely ___! a) shattered b) gutted 5) Many older people feel ___ when their children have left home. a) homesick b) lonely 6) A: How did you feel when you heard somebody moving about downstairs? B: I was absolutely ___. I was sure it was a burglar. a) gobsmacked b) scared stiff 7) Sue was ___ by all the support she got from her friends when her mother was ill. a) overwhelmed b) devastated 8) My best friend is afraid of flying and she feels ___ every time she catches a plane. a) terrified b) horrified 9) My mum was very ___ when she learnt how to swim at the age of 60. a) delighted b) proud 10) The government was ___ when the election results came through. They thought they were going to lose. a) disappointed b) relieved 11) I think Gemma is feeling ___ by all the different advice she is being given. a) upset b) bewildered 12) After the bomb exploded everyone was so ___ that nobody moved. a) stunned b) shattered 13) Mike was ___ when Karen left him. She was the love of his life. a) devastated b) overwhelmed 14) I am ___ the people I work with. They're always complaining. a) fed up with b) upset about 15) I felt very ___ when I told Susan that I couldn't go to her wedding. I'm sure she didn't believe me. a) grateful b) guilty 16) My cousin is starting to feel ___ after looking for a job for six months without success. a) desperate b) delighted 17) I think Nora was ___ that I didn't invite her to my party. She's hardly spoken to me since. a) astonished b) offended 18) James was ___ when he heard that his team wasn't in the Cup final on Saturday. a) gutted b) thrilled


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