1) Name 3 new words you learnt this session. 2) What did you do in class yesterday? 3) How many times have you used English outside the classroom this week?  4) How many times have you gone food shopping this week? What did you buy?  5) Share a recipe of a dish that you think everyone should try at least once.  6) When was the last time you hugged someone who doesn't live with you?  7) Has something surprised you this week? What was it? 8) Recommend us a book (in English).  9) When was the last time you ate pizza? (Bonus question: does pineapple belong on pizza?) 10) When was the last time you mopped the floor? 11) Ask your classmates a question! 12) Turn on your camera and tell us a little bit about yourself! 13) What has made you feel proud this week?  14) What are you wearing right now? 15) Ask your teacher a question! 16) What are you going to do after class? 17) What's your favourite thing about learning English?

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