1) Do you have a mobile phone? a) I like phones. b) I don't like phones. c) Yes, I do. d) I have a laptop. e) It's very expensive. f) No, I don't. 2) What mobile do you have? a) My mobile is old. b) My mobile is new. c) I sometimes use my mobile phone. d) I have a Samsung Galaxy. e) I have an iPhone 7. f) My son has a mobile. 3) How often do you call your friends? a) Twice a week. b) In the morning. c) Three times a year. d) At 8 o'clock. e) Once a month. f) Sometimes. 4) How old is your phone? a) It's brand new. b) It's expensive. c) It's cheap. d) It's an iPhone. e) It's three years old. f) I bought it last month. 5) Do you get cold calls? a) It's a good phone. b) Yes, often. c) I get phone calls about car insurance. d) Yes. Sometimes people call me and ask for my bank number. e) No, never. f) Yes, every week. 6) What do you use your phone for? a) Playing games and taking photos. b) Reading and sending texts. c) Watching videos. d) My phone is a Nokia mobile. e) Speaking with family and friends. f) I use it every day. 7) When do you keep your phone on 'silent'? a) When I am in the English lesson. b) I like listening to music on my mobile. c) I switch it off when I'm on the bus. d) I never switch my mobile off. e) I keep my phone in my pocket. f) I have a new mobile phone.

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