1) I love chocolate, ___ dark chocolate. a) especially b) specially 2) I'm working part-time ___, but I think they’ll offer me a full-time job soon. a) at the moment b) actually 3) I stayed up ___ last night, so I’m really tired today. a) late b) lately 4) Ben is really busy, so we ___ see him now. a) hard b) hardly 5) It was raining on the day of the picnic, so we didn’t go ___ . a) in the end b) at the end 6) This dress has been ___ designed for her, so no one else will have one like it. a) especially b) specially 7) I love unusual foods. I’ve ___ tried fried insects! a) even b) ever 8) We ___ haven’t decided where to go on holiday this summer. We’ve been talking about it for weeks! a) yet b) still 9) I can’t believe that I’ve been a teacher for ___ 25 years now! a) near b) nearly 10) Sally hasn’t been feeling very well ___ , so she’s going to make an appointment to see her doctor. a) lately b) late 11) ___ , you should wash wool by hand, as that way there’s less chance it will shrink. a) Ideally b) Gradually 12) I’ll pay you back ___ of the month. a) in the end b) at the end 13) Have you ___ been camping in the mountains? a) even b) ever 14) They’re building a motorway ___ my house. The noise is terrible. a) nearly b) near 15) Sara works really ___ , but her boss won’t give her a promotion. a) hard b) hardly 16) Rosie’s looking absolutely fantastic, but ___ , she’s been ill for the last three months. a) ideally b) in fact 17) Oh, don’t go ___ ! Stay for a bit longer. a) yet b) still 18) Her dress looks really expensive, but ___ , it was quite cheap. a) at the moment b) actually 19) I thought my boss was retiring next year, but ___ , she wants to carry on working until she’s 70! a) apparently b) eventually 20) Mark’s unemployed, so ___ , he doesn’t have much money to spend on going out. a) gradually b) obviously 21) I won’t give you the details now, but ___ , the plan’s very simple. a) ideally b) basically 22) After looking for his mobile all morning, my son ___ found it under the sofa! a) eventually b) obviously 23) I’ve been learning French for ages, and ___ , I’m starting to feel more confident. a) ideally b) gradually 24) It’s a pity you couldn’t come to the concert with us. You would have ___ enjoyed it. a) certainly b) eventually

3B Adverbs and adverbial phrases


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