down - Is everything OK? You look a bit ___, upset - Marta’s lied to me, several times. I just found out. I’m really ___, delighted - This is such good news! I can’t stop smiling. I’m ___, shattered - It’s been a really long day and I haven’t had any time to sit down. I’m absolutely ___, lonely - I haven’t seen anyone all week. I’m feeling quite ___, scared stiff - Oh, I think I can hear something downstairs! No, don’t leave me, I’m ___, overwhelmed - Thanks so much for coming, everyone. It means such a lot to me, I’m a bit ___, terrified - There’s a s-s-spider? I can’t go in. They scare me! I’m ___, proud - My wife just got a promotion! She’s brilliant and I’m really ___, relieved - We thought we would never see our cat again, but we found him! We’re so ___, miserable - The holiday was awful. It rained every day. I was so ___, bewildered - I just…I can’t understand this! What does it mean? I’m ___, stunned - It’s such a surprise. I don’t know what to say! I’m ___, devastated - She’s the love of my life and now she’s gone. I’m just ___, fed up - Matt has been complaining for hours! I can’t listen to it anymore, I’m ___, gutted - It’s a shame I couldn’t go to Helen’s party. I heard it was amazing. I’m ___, desperate - I’ve been trying to find a job for months. I need the money for rent. I’m getting ___, offended - Well! It’s really late. He accepted the invitation and he clearly isn’t coming. I’m quite ___ !, thrilled - We won the cup! We won! Yes! We need to celebrate! I’m so happy. I’m really ___ !, homesick - I’ve been living in India for six months now. I really miss my country; I feel _,


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