You _______________________ (tell) me that Jo was coming over this evening. I would have cooked more food., You _______________________ (bring) me flowers. I already have lots and lots. But, thank you, anyway. They’re lovely. , How _______________________ (I / stop) them fighting? My sister’s always fighting with her friends, and she’s bigger than me!, Andy only started painting the bedrooms yesterday, so he _______________________ (finish) painting them yet. Nobody works that fast., So, you left the dog in the room with the chocolate. There’s only one possible explanation, you know. The dog _______________________ (eat) the chocolate., You _______________________ (tell) me that Forest Attack was on TV last night. It’s my favourite film and I missed it!, It’s not clear why Tom got so ill so suddenly. I suppose he _______________________ (eat) something poisonous., Edward has lost his wallet. He _______________________ (leave) it in the supermarket. That’s the only place he took it out of his pocket., Lawrence _______________________ (buy) me a present. It really wasn’t necessary. But it was very kind., I’m sorry I hit you with my racket, but how _______________________ (I / know) that you were behind me? You didn’t make any noise when you walked on court., Harry has already left. I think he __________________________________ (catch) the nine o’clock train, but I’m not sure. , Sylvia __________________________________ (tell) us that she was going away. It was really bad of her to let us down in this way., You __________________________________ (give) me a lift! Didn’t you see me on the side of the road? , William __________________________________ (know) about the trip. If he had known, he would have definitely come with us., You __________________________________ (tell) Andy about the birthday party when you did. His sister wanted it to be a surprise., Graham __________________________________ (win) the match he played this afternoon. If he hadn’t won, he wouldn’t be looking so pleased with himself., The concert was free, so we __________________________________ (pay) to get in., Sue __________________________________ (send) her aunt a card. It was rude of her to forget..


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