Look! He (leave) the house. , Quiet please! I (do) my homework. , She usually (walk) to school. , Look! Today she (go) by bike. , Every Sunday we (go) to see my grandparents. , He often (go) to the cinema. , We (play) Monopoly at the moment. My daughter loves it., Her child seldom (cry) . , I (not / do) anything at the moment. , (watch / he) the news regularly? , Caroline (have) long blond hair. , She usually (wear) glasses, but now she (wear) contact lenses. , Caroline (no / like) sports. , She (play) handball every Monday and Thursday. , Linda (be) Jeff's little sister. , At the moment, the two kids (sit) quietly on the floor. , Jeff (hold) a book right now, and (read) a story to Linda. , Linda (love) Jeff's bedtime stories. , He (read) a story to her every day. , Jeff sometimes even (write) his own stories. , I (live) in Melbourne. , This weekend, I (visit) my friends in Sydney. , The train to Sydney (leave) Melbourne at 6.45 in the morning. , My parents (want) to go on a sightseeing tour when they visit me next month. , We (go) to a concert this evening. , The concert (start) at 8 o'clock. , I (come) back to London on Sunday. Can you (meet) me at the airport?, My train (arrive) in Brisbane at 7.50 in the evening. , I (be) very busy today. , At noon I (visit) my friend Tanya. , We (want) to have lunch together. , In the afternoon I (play) squash with Emily. , In the evening, I (meet) Rob for our first date. , We (go) to the cinema. , The film (start) at 8 pm. , Jenny (go) to school already! You (run) late! , She (wear) a raincoat and gumboots and (carry) an umbrella. , Jenny usually (cycle) to school, but today she (take) the bus because it (rain) . , The bus (leave) at 7.35 and (arrive) at Jenny's school at 7.45. , The first lesson of the day (begin) at 8 o'clock., Maria (want) to improve her English. , Phil (do) a language course in London at the moment. , She (stay) with a host family and (take) the subway to get to her language school. , It (be) only a five-minute walk to the nearest station from my apartment., The train (leave) at half past eight. , The first lesson (begin) at 9 o'clock. , In the afternoons, the school (offer) sightseeing tours in and around Melbourne. , Tomorrow, all the students (go) to the market to practice shopping in English., (leave / you) the party now? It's only just begun!, (have / you) any brothers or sisters? , (love / she) him? , Who (cook) dinner tonight? , (send / he) you a cute message every day? , He (not / spend) his holidays in Spain each year. , I (not / meet) Francis tonight. , They (not / fly) to London tomorrow. , We (not / work) this week. , The film (not / begin) at 7 o'clock. , Mary and Joe (be) in a meeting at the moment. , What (think / you)? I'm (no/sure) what to do in these types of situations..

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