1) It ... raining. Let's ride our bikes. a) has stopped b) stopped 2) I ... snowboarding. I'd love to do that. a) haven't tried b) didn't try 3) My mum ... six books when we were on holiday. a) has read b) read 4) When ... to learn English? a) have you started b) did you start 5) My brother ... primary school a few years ago. a) has finished b) finished 6) I ... my bike yesterday and hurt my arm. a) fell off b) has fallen off 7) My brother ... his leg three times. a) broke b) has broken 8) I ___ just ____ a rabbit. a) saw b) 've seen 9) My sister ... married in 2010. a) got b) has got 10) I ... snowboarding with my family in December. a) went b) have gone 11) My friend ... a new tablet. It's amazing. a) bought b) has bought 12) They ... to New York. a) went b) have gone




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