1) What does she do? a) She is a secretary b) She is a teacher c) She is an actress 2) What does he do? a) He is an actor b) He is a basketball player c) He is a singer 3) Where does Susan work? a) at hospital b) in a farm c) at school 4) Where does John work? a) in a bus b) in an airplane c) in a taxi 5) What does he want to be? a) He wants to be a footballer b) He wants to be a badminton player c) He wants to be a good man 6) What do you want to be? a) I want to be a manager b) I want to be a sprinter c) I want to be a badminton player 7) Many old and beautiful things here a) restaurant b) museum c) zebra crossing 8) This mall is like a ............. a) shopping centre b) school c) art gallery 9) Many paintings and sculptures here a) grocery store b) mall c) art gallery 10) It is an ... a) bus station b) airport c) underground station 11) It is a ......... a) building b) statue c) bridge




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