Buddhism - No meat or fish, Most are vegetarians or vegan. Natural foods from the earth are considered most pure. Fasting takes place on anniversary. , Catholicism (Christianity) - Fish on Fridays, no meat. Feasting at Christmas, Easter and fasting during Lent, Hinduism - Vegetarian diet, some eat lamb, chicken and fish. No beef - cows are sacred. Feasting on major holidays. , Islam - Food must be halal. No pork or birds of prey, no alcohol. Fasting during Ramadan, no food or drink from dawn to sunset. , Judaism - Food must be kosher. No pork or shellfish. Meat and dairy products must be prepared and cooked separately and cannot be eaten together at the same meal. Fasting occurs at Yom Kippur. , Rastafari movement - Most are vegetarian or vegan. Pure food eaten woth no artificial colourings, preservatives or flavourings. They avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks. , Seventh-Day Adventist Church - No beef, pork or lamb. Many are ovo-lacto vegetarians (will eat dairy and eggs but not animal flesh) Some avoid caffeine and alcohol. , Sikhism - They don't eat halal or kosher food as they aren't meant to take part in those rituals according to their code of conduct. ,




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