1) You ______ an email last weekend. a) wrote b) writed c) wroted 2) He ______ five kilometres to the museum. a) wuked b) walked c) walkid 3) She ______ her best friend an hour ago. a) called b) calid c) calted 4) Emilia ______ some bread in the morning. a) buid b) buyed c) bought 5) Fernanda ______ cereal with milk for breakfast. a) eated b) ated c) ate 6) Raul ______ a present to her friend. a) given b) gave c) give 7) He ______ very hard for his English test. a) studied b) studyed c) estudyed 8) You ______ your hands with a lot of soap. a) washid b) washed c) watched 9) I ______ a monster under my bed. a) sawed b) seed c) saw 10) you ______ to the beach last weekend. a) went b) goed c) wented 11) I ______ a new book yesterday. a) rode b) read c) readed 12) She ______ a new picture. a) painted b) paintid c) paint 13) They ______ TV some minutes ago. a) watcheg b) washed c) watched 14) Carlos ______ to music three hours ago. a) listening b) listent c) listened 15) She ______ very ill last month. a) were b) was c) been 16) I ______ a lot of pictures in this city. a) took b) taked c) taken 17) Patricio ______ Fortnite for long hours. a) payed b) plaied c) played 18) She ______ a delicious lunch today. a) coked b) cooked c) cooking 19) I ______ a jigsaw puzzle yesterday. a) done b) did c) doed 20) You ______ at the party on last Saturday. a) danced b) dancing c) dancied

English Test N°7 - 6th Grade (Past Simple)


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