1) Feeling worried or uneasy about something a) Stress b) Stressor c) Mental illness d) Growth Mindset  2) The emotional response to daily challenges that results in thoughts, feelings, and actions; mental distress can signal a person to develop or use strategies to face challenges a) Mental illness b) Mental Wellbeing c) Mental Distress d) Mental Health 3) The event or circumstance that makes you feel stressed a) Stress b) Stressor c) Mental illness d) Mental Health Problems 4) The stronger or more intense emotional response to greater life challenges; help and support may be needed from a trusted adult a) Mental Health Problems b) Mental Health c) Stressor d) Stress 5) Extreme difficulty or changes in thoughts, feelings, and actions that lasts over time and interferes with daily activities; a medical condition that requires diagnosis and help from a qualified helping professional a) Mental Health Problems b) Mental illness c) Mental Distress d) Stress 6) Being able to handle the stressful and unexpected things that happen in daily life; managing thoughts, feelings, and actions positively a) Mental Health Problems b) Mental Wellbeing c) Physical Health d) Physical Wellbeing 7) Feeling extremely afraid, worried, or uneasy about a situation or thing. The feelings are so intense that it interferes with daily activities. a) Bipolar Disorder b) Anxiety Disorder c) Conduct Disorder d) Eating Disorder 8) Overwhelming feelings and emotions that include sadness and irritability for an extended period (usually two weeks or longer). Daily activities such as eating, sleeping, and going to school can be impacted by depression. a) Depression b) Self-harm c) Bulimia d) Hypomania

Y8 Grow lesson : Mental Health (Definition Exit ticket)





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