1) I wouldn’t have minded losing the competition so much if (the judge / be critical / of our singing). 2) I (give / you / a card) if I’d known it was your birthday yesterday. 3) Andy wouldn’t be so popular if (he / not have / a great sense of humour). 4) Where (you / go) if you had the chance to travel? 5) We (not have to / wait / ages) if the train had been on time. 6) Peter wouldn’t have prepared so fully ___________ doing well hadn’t been so important to him. 7) James wouldn’t have enjoyed the play ___________ his favourite actor had been in it. It was in French, and he doesn’t speak a word of French! 8) ___________ I gave you some money, would you do the dishes then? 9) ___________ we decided to come. Would you have enough space to put us up? 10) ___________ we had played better, we wouldn’t have won the match. The other team was really good. 11) It would have been better if (we / win / the competition). 12) I (not leave / early) yesterday if I had known about the surprise party. 13) It would be impossible to climb if (it / be / any higher). 14) How (you / solve / the problem) if Jo hadn’t been there to help? 15) I (not feel) so nervous if you were with me. 16) Sally wouldn’t have gone to the demonstration ___________ the cause was important to her. She really believes in this. 17) ___________ you lose all your money? What will you do then? I certainly won’t lend you any more. 18) ___________ a million people had signed the petition, it wouldn’t have had any effect on the minister’s position. 19) I wouldn’t have come ___________ you had asked me. I hate horror films. 20) ___________ you found a £20 note in the street, would you hand it in?

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