1) Hello! What ... your name?  a) am b) is c) are 2) How old ... you? a) am b) is c) are 3) He ... thirteen.  a) am b) is c) are 4) Can dog fly? a) Yes, it can. b) No, it can't. 5) We ... drive a car.  a) can b) have got c) are 6) My mother ... speak English. a) isn't b) hasn't got c) can't 7) Her brother ... many pictures. He ... draw well.  a) have got, can b) has got, can c) can, has got 8) Mary ... many dresses. She ... beautiful. a) has got, is b) has got, are c) is, has got 9) ... you cook? I ... hungry. a) Are, can b) Have, am c) Can, am 10) She ... four years old. She is ...  a) are, tall b) is, smart c) are, old 11) Our mother ... doctor. She ... children.  a) are, teaches b) is, helps c) am, help 12) You ... nine years old. You ... teacher.  a) are, aren't b) isn't, are c) am, am




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