1) I love ... to my friend. a) talk b) talking 2) I have a lot of hobbies. I like singing. I ... in the school hall on Fridays. a) sing b) am singing 3) How ... is your sister? a) old b) age 4) My birthday party was great. There ... a lot of people there. a) were b) was 5) I went with my friends to the mountains and we ... the hill. a) climb b) climbed 6) Yesterday was my birthday and I ... a computer. a) had b) got 7) Please, can you bring ... to the picnic? a) anything b) something 8) I bought a new T-shirt, bacause ... is old. a) my b) mine 9) Do you have ... present for me? a) a b) any 10) I love my room because it's ... than my old room. a) bigger b) biggest 11) You can find different bands and the ... music. a) better b) best

Prepare 2. Grammar Quiz


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