1) What are the most important thing to check when choosing your holiday accomodation? 2) Why do some people choose to take beach holidays every year? 3) Millions decide to spend their annual holiday of one or two weeks at exactly the same spot / house / hotel / beach. Why? 4) Why do people fly with and hate budget airlines at the same time? 5) What could be a visitor's most important aims when exploring a large city? 6) Being a famous film star has some disadvantages, too. What are they? 7) You want to make a new fictional film based around the life of a famous person. Who could be some possible subjects for the film? 8) What do you think the recipe for a good film could be? 9) Why are fast food restaurants so popular all over the world? 10) Why do some people choose to become vegetarian? 11) Why are cooking TV programmes and channels so popular these days? 12) What makes a person a good friend? 13) What are some of the things you could do to be environmentally friendly? 14) What are some issues you have to deal with when you start a new job? 15) What are some of the problems for people going to live in a different country? 16) When you are choosing where to go on holiday, what helps you decide? 17) What are some of the main causes of disagreement between parents and children?

B2 - Euroexam - discussion questions




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