hope - Sally really wants to go on holiday next summer!, expect - My mom thinks I'll tidy my room tonight, spend - Simon often palys computer games at the weekend, apologise - Ted: "I'm sorry I broke your glasses", mind - Laura: "We can go to the cinema. Or not. I don't really care", warn - Coach: "Don't run around the pool, the floor is wet!", advise - Diana: "You should try this course, it's very useful", choose - Phill: "I don't want to go to the cinema, I'd rather stay home", accuse - Police officer: "It was you! You stole the money!", afford - Tim hasn't got enough money to go to college, beg - Donna: "Please, please, please stop listenning to Rammstein at night!", blame - Chris didn't pass the exam because he didn't srudy enough. It's all his fault, deny - Dracula: "No, I didn't drink her blood!", admit - Penny: "Ok, it was me, I've been using your wifi for years", insist - Teacher: "No, you mustn't use Google translate, you should use a dictionary", manage - Jack: "Yay, I finally opened that jar!", seem - You look annoyed., mean - I was going to call you, but then I forgot, mention - James: "Oh, by the way, I bought a Ferrari", offer - Ralf: "I can help you with this project", to persuade - Sales assistant: "This phone is good for you, it's waterproof, easy to use and almost unbreakable. Nokia 3310 is your best choice", promise - Bill: "I won't tell anyone", remind - Mom: "Don't forget to buy the medicine for the cat!", thank - Jim: "Thank you so much for your help, I'm really greatful!",


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