They're waiting ____ a bus. It was dark by the time we arrived ____ the station. He still depends ____ his parents She arrived ____ Moscow two days ago I always ask ____ extra tomato sauce on my pizza. We have our classes ____ Tuesdays and Thursdays Owls don't sleep ____ night I agree ____ everything you've said. My mom's birthday is ____ January See you ____ 10:30 How much did you pay ____ the tickets? I think we should invite her ____ the party. She seems lonely. They fell in-love ____ each other. Don't spend too much money ____ clothes. Hammond wrote a letter ____ his mother What do you think ____ my new hat? It's silly to worry ____ things which are outside your control. Can I speak ____ Isobel, please? I'm going to Helen's party ____ the weekend

EF pre-int unit 3b Verbs + Prepositions


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