Present Simple: I play tennis, Water boils at 100 degrees., Julie lives in London., I drink coffee every morning., My plane leaves at eight tonight., At the end of the book, the detective catches the killer., I work from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM., Mark studies English every day., We usually go to Europe in the summer., They always talk to their boss in the morning., Does it usually rain in the winter?, Present Continuous: We are playing tennis, The water is boiling now, so you can put in the pasta., Julie is living in Paris for a few months (usually she lives in London)., I'm drinking too much coffee these days because I'm so busy at work., I'm meeting John after class today., In this photo, my mother is walking beside a lake., I’m currently working on a new project., Mark is studying the present continuous at the moment., Right now, we’re going to the supermarket., They’re talking to him now., it’s raining now. Take an umbrella.,


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