Where did you ______ lunch last Saturday? , Where did you _____ out before the lockdown?, Did you ______ a good time last weekend?, Where did you _____ on holiday last year? , Do you usually ___ dressed before breakfast? , How do you usually ______ to work\school?, How often do you ____ to bed before midnight?, What did you ______ for dinner last night?, Do you _____ up at the same time during the week and the weekend?, What time did you ____ to bed last night?, Do you usually _______ a shower or a bath in the morning? , What did you _____ for breakfast this morning?, How many emails did you ______ yesterday? , How often do you ______ a taxi? , When do you usually ___ shopping?, Do you usually _____ home after classes? , When did you _______ to church last time? , Where do you like to ______ for a walk? .


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