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Alkali - Solution with a pH greater than 8. , Acid - Solution with pH lower than 6, Citric Acid - Acid found in citrus fruits, Atom - Smallest part of any element, Compound  - A molecule with two or more different atomschemically bonded, Lime - Alkali used by farmers and gardeners toneutralise acidic soil. , Indicator - Substance which changes colour depending on pH., Hydrochloric Acid - Common acid found in the lab. HCl, Limestone - Common rock used in building. Is often corrodedby acid rain., Neutralisation - Reaction which occurs when anacid and alkali are mixed, Oxide - Product of an element reactingwith oxygen. , Metal oxides  - produce bases, non-metal oxides  - produce acids, pH - Scale used to measure acidity. , Sodium Hydroxide - Common alkali found in the lab. NaOH, Sulphuric Acid - Common acid in labs, car batteries and acidrain. H2SO4, Neutral - Solution with pH 7, for example distilled water and salt solution,

Acids & Alkalis


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