Did you enjoy your childhood?, Which is better between being a child and being an adult?, What's your happiest memory from childhood?, As a child, did your family mainly stay in one place or did you move around a lot? How did that affect you?, Did you have other children to play with? Who did you usually play with as a child?, Children have powerful imaginations. Can you recall any imaginary games or friends from childhood?, Children can be scared of many things, real or imagined. Were you frightened by anything as a child?, Did you have a favorite toy or toy series? What was it?, Do you still have any toys from childhood? Where are they? If not, where did they go?, Did you often play outside or did you prefer to stay inside?, Did enjoy reading as a child? What kind of books did you read?, Were you usually with your mother and father, or did you have other caregivers? Who looked after you?, Did you get pocket money when you were a kid? If so, what did you spend that money on?, Children often mimic adult behavior. Did you ever pretend to be a grown-up?.


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