1) What are the newest investments to connect the cities in the Greater Bay Area? a) high speed train b) bridge c) airport 2) Where is the GBA situated? a) Guangondg Province b) Southern China c) Pearl River Delta 3) Around how many people live there? a) 250 milion b) 65 milion c) 50 milion 4) Which tech companies located in the city are mentioned in the video? a) Huawei b) Lenovo c) DJI 5) How long is the Hong Kong - Zhuhai - Macau bridge? a) 24 miles (38.6 km) b) 44 miles (70.8 km) c) 34 miles (54.7 km) 6) A one hour bus ride from Shenzhen to Hong Kong now takes ... by Guangzhou - Shenzen - Hong Kong Express Rail link. a) 15 minutes b) 10 minutes c) 34 minutes 7) There are three different currencies in the Greater Bay Area which is an issue. Because of that, people ... a) need to move away from cash b) pay digitally c) pay using their phones




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