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Power = current X potential difference - An equation that links power, current and potential difference, Charge = current X time - An equation that links charge, current and time, Coulomb - The units for charge, Power = current2 X resistance - An equation that links Power, current and resistance, V = IR - An equation that links Resistance, Current and Potential Difference, Volts - The units for potential difference, Amps - The units for current, Georg - Ohms' first name, s - The units for time, 230V - The mains potential difference, 50Hz - The mains frequency, 115V - Calculate the potential difference if the current is 2.3A and the resistance is 50 ohms?, 64W - Calculate the power if the current is 4A and the resistance is 4 ohms?, 9.03W - Calculate the power if the current is 4.3A and the potential difference is 2.1V, 180C - Calculate the charge when 3A flows for 60seconds,

Formula Practice 1 RCx


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