Blue Zone: My friend has bad breath so I told her I don't want to sit by her., I want to get to know a new friend so I tell my other friend that I can't play with him today., Green Zone: A kid in my class came to recess late so I let him have my turn in kick ball., My friend and I want to do different activities at recess so I say we can do his activity today and mine tomorrow. , Yellow Zone: My friend couldn't think of the answer when the teacher called on him so I blurted the answer instead. , Another student gets to pick the music at Phy Ed. I want a turn so I pout and won't participate., I notice that I'm losing at a game so I pretend I don't know the rules so that I can get ahead in the game., Red Zone: At recess a kid said I couldn't be on his team so I pushed him.,




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