Giving an opinion: In my opinion..., The way I see it..., If you want my honest opinion...., According to..., As far as I'm concerned..., If you ask me..., Asking for an opinion: What do you think?, How do you feel about ... ?, Do you have anything to say about ... ?, Do you agree?, Wouldn't you say ... ?, When you agree: I couldn't agree with you more., That's so true. / That's for sure., Absolutely. / Exactly., I'm afraid I agree with [name/her/him/them etc] ., I have to side with [name/her/him/them etc] on this one., No doubt about it., I suppose so. / I guess so., You have a point there., I was just going to say that., When you disagree: I don't think so., I'm afraid I disagree., I totally disagree., I beg to differ., I'd say the exact opposite., Not necessarily., That's not always true. / That's not always the case., No, I'm not so sure about that., How to interrupt: Can I add something here?, Is it okay if I add something?, If I might add something..., Sorry to interrupt, but..., Sorry, go ahead. / Sorry, you were saying..., Sorry, you didn't let me finish., Moving a discussion on: Shall we move on?, I think we're going to have to agree to disagree., Alright, I concede., We appear to be going round in circles....,

ILP: L2 Functional English - Formal Group Discussion - Useful Expressions




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