1) She ___________ black clothes! a) usually buys b) buys usually c) buy usually 2) We _____________ vegetables. a) eat sometimes b) eats sometimes c) sometimes eat 3) Sonia _____________comics. a) usually collects  b) usually collect c) collects usually 4) Eric and Nancy ___________ here. a) always swim b) swim always c) always swims 5) She ____________ coffee in the afternoon. a) drinks never b) never drinks c) never drink 6) Stella __________ so thirsty after school! a) is sometimes b) sometimes is c) sometimes 7) You __________ to your friends at the cafe. a) can usually chat b) usually can chat c) can chat usually 8) We ____________ computer games at the weekend. a) always plays b) always play c) always can play 9) Danny __________ hard for a test. a) usually study b) studies usually c) usually studies 10) Pam ___________ the morning bus at 7.15 . a) always catches b) catches always c) don't catch 11) My parents __________ fruit in the morning! a) never eats b) never eat c) always haves 12) He ___________ loudly. a) never speaks b) ever speaks c) never speak 13) Henry ____________ watching TV. a) in the afternoon enjoys b) enjoys at the weekend c) usually enjoys 14) _______ books. a) At the weekend I read b) I at the weekend read c) I read at the weekend 15) My friend and I __________ frightened when we watch a thriller. a) am sometimes b) sometimes am c) are sometimes

U2 L2 Simple Present-adverbs of frequency (AE1)




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