1) I have ... in the ocean. a) never swim b) never swum c) never swam 2) Piter has ... a present for his girlfriend. a) never bought b) never buy c) never buyed 3) We have ... an email. a) never wrote b) never writing c) never written 4) Have you ... on a trampoline? a) ever jumped b) ever jumping c) ever jump 5) Has Sabrina ... Russian? a) ever spoke b) ever spoken c) ever speak 6) Has your friend ... a bone? a) ever breaked b) ever broke c) ever broken 7) The students have ... to Canada. a) never been b) never were c) never came 8) Ivan has ... up at 5 am. a) never woke b) never wake c) never woken 9) Have you ... the car keys at home? a) ever forgot b) ever forgotten c) ever forgetting 10) My hamster has ... at me :( a) never smiled b) never smiling c) never smile


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