1) What is this? a) fertilizer b) smog c) exhaust fumes 2) What is this? a) fossil fuels b) deforestation c) industrial zone 3) What is this? a) acid rain b) pesticide  c) environment 4) What is this? a) greenhouse effect b) water contamination c) energy 5) What is this? a) planet b) environmentalist c) endangered animals 6) What is this? a) plastic b) recycle c) air pollution 7) What is this? a) garbage b) habitat c) pesticide 8) What is this? a) global warming b) environmentalist c) aerosol spray 9) What is this? a) water contamination b) air pollution c) acid rain 10) What is this? a) rainforest b) planet c) ozone layer 11) A large body in space that moves around the sun. a) urban area b) industrial zone c) planet 12) It protects us from the sun's ultraviolet radiation. a) habitat b) ozone layer c) energy 13) Pollution of the atmosphere. a) water pollution b) air pollution c) greenhouse effect 14) Cutting down trees over a large area. a) deforestation b) pesticide c) smog 15) Put used objects and materials through a process so that they can be used again.  a) garbage  b) extinct c) recycle 16) Animals which are in danger of becoming extinct. a) sea level b) wildlife c) endangered animals 17) The natural world in which people, animals and plants live. a) environment b) protest c) deforestation 18) Add a chemical substance which will make the water dirty or harmful. a) oxygen b) water contamination c) air pollution 19) Toxic gases expelled by cars a) acid rain b) exhaust fumes c) pesticide 20) A person who wants to protect the environment. a) global warming b) greenhouse effect c) environmentalist 21) What natural disaster is this? a) landslide b) avalanche c) forest fire  d) flood 22) What natural disaster is this? a) hurricane b) tornado c) explosion d) drought 23) What natural disaster is this? a) hurricane b) lightning c) earthquake d) volcanic eruption 24) What natural disaster is this? a) avalance b) flood c) landslide d) hurricane 25) What natural disaster is this? a) forest fire b) hurricane c) volcanic eruption d) drought 26) What natural disaster is this? a) earthquake b) landslide c) avalanche d) volcanic eruption




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